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CNS Treasury is benefiting from the recent scrutiny of compliance under FAS 133 and IAS 39 and the consequences organisations face with managing the ongoing requirements of compliance. As CNS Treasury continues to grow and deliver market leading treasury solutions to our mutual customers we believe that building a partnership is about creating long-term relationships that build mutual value for both companies.

To bring this to life CNS Treasury recently announced the launch of its partner program to reflect the working relationships we want to build with existing and new partners into the future. By helping our customers achieve their compliance requirements, you can increase your profitability and further align your business with explosive industry growth!

Please take a moment to review this Partner Program Guide. Our goal is to have a program uniquely suited to help facilitate your engagement with CNS Treasury and assist you in both securing new business opportunities and ensuring long term relationships with existing clients.

We are committed to growing our partner relationships and we thank you for your support of CNS Treasury.

CNS Treasury – service delivery

One of the primary benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS) is how easy and inexpensive it is to get started—there’s no hardware, software, or related infrastructure to purchase and maintain. Instead, customers simply choose a subscription level that matches their needs while their vendor takes care of everything else.

Potential customers can experience how our CNS Treasury can solve their business problems by allowing them to trial CNS Treasury with their own data – all without installing any product on their own system.

Referral Partner Programme

Our Referral Partners introduce CNS Treasury to their customers around the world, and earn a percentage of the revenues for referred accounts. In addition to generating supplementary revenue, Referral Partners come to be seen as problem solvers in the industry

With the insight to know how CNS Treasury can help, these partners are at a competitive advantage—better positioned to expand their customer base.

Hedge accounting under FAS 133 / IAS 39 is a specialist field, however, we at CNS Treasury only need an introduction and we can demonstrate the value to clients and gain commitment often without a face-to-face meeting.

Referral Partner Benefits

Financial Incentives

  • Recurring revenue

Sales Support

  • Webinars
  • Joint Sales Calls
  • Product Sales Collateral
  • Sales Training

Marketing Support

  • Joint Marketing Initiatives
  • Local Area Marketing Support
  • Access to CNS Treasury Marketing
  • Access to Marketing Collateral
  • Partner Listing on CNS Treasury website
  • Access to CNS Treasury Partner network for Joint Opportunities

Technical Support

  • Client Onsite Technical Support available
  • 24 Hour Response

Education and Training

  • Full Access to Training Suite
  • 4 Hours Per Month One on One Online
  • Access to RFP Builder
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To fully demonstrate the amazing capabilities of CNS Treasury it is best to see it in action. This can be done by a 15 min demo at our office or via an online meeting at yours.