Hils Hunt, CEO and founder

Hils’ innovative approach to finance has led to CNS Treasury’s visual simplification of a company’s risk, enabling treasury departments to not only comply with regulations, but also to provide a crystal-clear picture of the company’s risk profile. As an entrepreneur and pragmatic thinker Hils has a real appreciation of the importance of risk management.

Hils began his career on the Sydney Futures Exchange floor in 1985, followed by experience with banks and brokerage houses before founding a successful Foreign Exchange company, Tuatara Management Ltd, in 1991.

Together with cofounder Mike Houlahan, Hils founded CNS Treasury in 2004 after developing the software for seven years, first for internal use at Tuatara Management, then for external clients. Hils leads the team in bringing this proven, practical software to treasury departments around the world.

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