“CNS allows our U.S headquarters to view the open hedge positions that each of our units holds at any given time. It has created a more secure environment for us, and provides more completeness and accuracy around our FAS 133 financial reporting compliance.”

Jim Esposito
Vice President & Controller
General Cable Corporation

“With a large number of deals in the system at any one time, we need to have complete confidence in our treasury system. For us, the emphasis is not only on CNS’s ability to effectively deliver, but the ability to further develop existing functionality for our requirements and a strong, ongoing business relationship.”

Carmen Gordon
IFRS consultant
SKY Network Television

“Compliance, particularly with being part of a listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, continues to take up a large portion of finance’s responsibilities. Strategically, CNS is a robust and scalable solution.”

Chris Birkett
General Cable Asia Pacific

Software features and feedback

Replace complex manual spread-sheets with a secure, centralized database for dependable current reports: – “It exceeds expectations through managing transactions in a detailed, auditable and secure fashion while independently fair valuing derivatives”.

Saves time and minimises errors: – “CNS allows our U.S. headquarters to view the open hedge positions that each of our units holds at any given time”.

Local and International Clients: – NZ, USA, UK, Europe etc. CNS has established clients such as Fortune 500 company General Cable Corporation (NYSE:BGC)

About CNS treasury

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