CNS Treasury supports loading, valuing, settlement and IFRS9 and ASC 815 hedge accounting for commodity swaps covering a range of commodities including metals, fuels and foods. CNS provides reports that assist in the management of risk and the accounting function.

CNS assists companies in accounting for basis risk, the difference between the swap and the exposure the swap is hedging. The total price risk must be hedged to satisfy the requirements of IFRS9 and ASC 815 CNS supports regression analysis for commodity swaps in a hedge relationship.

Exposure – sales and purchase orders and invoices for commodities – can be automatically loaded into CNS. This assists in speeding up the delivery of information that is useful and accurate for risk management and hedge accounting in relation to the commodity swaps.

Reporting includes commodity swaps mark to market, accounting journal entries, effectiveness testing and hedge documentation.

CNS Treasury Services

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