Foreign Exchange

CNS Treasury FX Module allows users to capture their FX exposure, view it both graphically and in tabular form and then hedge effectively.

FX exposure can be sourced directly from a range of ERP solutions so that exposure can be captured in real time, feeding directly into CNS. This live profile can then be hedged according to your FX policy parameters.

Once hedges are in place full deal management functionality is available, mature, extend, pre-deliver.

For those businesses still completing the budgeting cycle our reference forecast report will automatically project your forecast FX requirement to enable you to carry on hedging whilst awaiting final budget sign off.

CNS Treasury covers the full range of FX products including, spot, forward and options, both vanilla and exotic.

CNS Treasury provides real time FX mark to market valuations on all the products captured.

Once hedges and exposure are input then all hedges can be hedge accounted according to your individually loaded hedge accounting documentation. The full range of effectiveness tests are included in our hedge accounting module.


CNS Treasury Services

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