Risk Management Reporting

Provides a¬†crystal-clear picture of the company’s FX, Interest Rate and Commodity risk.

Treasury Management

A critical element of treasury management is managing risk in Foreign Exchange, Hedge Accounting, the Money Market and Commodities.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Integration

CNS Treasury integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX. Using CNS Treasury software an operator can see their AX purchase and sales orders, invoices and forecasts and plan their foreign exchange risk management. CNS auto-generates their foreign exchange / debt settlement and IFRS9 / ASC 815 compliant accounting journals from CNS into AX.


Hedge Accounting

Hedging is an accounting treatment that ensures that the timing of P&L recognition on the hedging instrument matches that of the hedged item.


Foreign Exchange

CNS Treasury FX Module allows users to capture their FX exposure, view it both graphically and in tabular form and then hedge effectively.


Money Market (Interest Rates)

CNS offers businesses the ability to track their debt, interest rate swaps, investments, bank facilities and intercompany and forecasting activities.



CNS Treasury supports loading, valuing, settlement and IFRS9 and ASC 815 hedge accounting for commodity swaps.