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Market-leading treasury risk management software

Delivering innovative treasury solutions to global corporates for over 20 years.

CNS treasury dasboard

Delivering confidence and empowering our clients for two decades

CNS Treasury Software creates a simplified, digitised approach to treasury management through a fully integrated, fully functional, and affordable treasury management platform that anyone can access anywhere, anytime.

Our story

Our founder Hils Hunt began his career on the Futures Exchange floor in Sydney in 1985. This was followed by roles working for banks and brokerage houses before he established a Deal Management System, Tuatara Management Ltd in 1991. Tuatara sold to Xe in 2016.  

CNS Treasury was originally the software engine behind Tuatara Management and Hils continues as our founder and CEO. CNS was originally named Currency Navigation System after a yachting trip where Hils was struck by the way the state-of the-art navigation system made it easier to negotiate safe passage.  

What started out making our business more efficient internally, has been further developed and now provides foreign exchange and treasury management support for organisations operating across the globe.

Our team

Meet the team helping you gain governance over your treasury processes.

General Manager
Dean Foster
Product Owner
Joe Macknes
Principal Developer
Nofo Tautogia-Singh
Customer Success Manager
Deane Karsten
BI Developer
Samuel Soud
Junior Business Analyst
Niamh Laing
Marketing and Operations Analyst
Bindy Kemp
Administrator Manager

Our History

For over two decades, CNS Treasury (formally known as Tuatara management) has been at the forefront of the financial industry, establishing a foreign exchange system that eventually changed into a treasury management platform. Established in 1991 by our Founder Hils Hunt, CNS Treasury stands as a testament to experience, reliability and expertise.


Tuatara FX established Broking Business


Build FX Dealing systems. Deal management system (DMS) to support FX Trade.


CNS established transition DMS sealing system to the web and build secure client-side access


CNS subscription starts SaaS including FX Options: Tuatara FX (buy-side), Tuatara clients (sell side) and corporate clients (sell side)


CNS's functionality expanded to Interest rates, commodities, forecasting, integration with ERP


WUBS/Convera becomes a CNS client


Tuatara sold to XE and becomes CNS client


CNS's functionality expanded for Integration with banks, support for barrier FX options, consolidated/group reporting, Profitability analysis, Compliance EMIR


Automated trade entry with ANZ, BNZ and Westpac NZ


User interface update, migrated to AZURE


Fully automated month end FEC MTM reconciliations for all our clients

“Throughout the 17-year relationship and our exposures growing 3x, CNS has provided us with strong governance controls and real-time visibility over our Treasury exposures. The automated IFRS9 workflow takes the complexity out of compliance and has resulted in a smooth and shorter audit process. Plus, the integrations with our banking syndicate have saved a couple of days per month of manual process. We want to focus on our core business, and CNS Treasury allows us to do so.”

Mike Wennekes


Silver Fern Farms

“CNS is a great tool. We love the transparency. The more we use it the more control over our FX management we have. CNS gives us the ability to manage risk –this is its single biggest strength for us.”

Marty Verry


Red Stag Group

“With a large number of deals in the system at any one time, we need to have complete confidence in our treasury system. For us, the emphasis is not only on CNS’s ability to effectively deliver, but the ability to further develop existing functionality for our requirements and a strong, ongoing business relationship.”

Paresh Patel

Head of Financial Control

Sky Network Television

"CNS has improved our control and overall management of our foreign exchange exposures"

Jane Mottershead

Former CFO

Vulcan Steed Ltd

“An unexpected bonus is that CNS Treasury has proved to be the sharp end of our financial analysis because it's able to highlight through bar charts and line graphs data entry issues in Dynamics. CNS’s ROI has proven to be short because foreign exchange cover is costly if taken too late, too much or too little.”

Wayne Leach

Former CFO

Westland Milk Products

"We had never managed to get any data out of our old ERP in a format that could even be keyed into a spreadsheet. The integration of CNS and Dynamics AX was a big step forward from that perspective. We could suddenly get data out easily from AX and put it into CNS"

Mark Smitheram

Former CFO

BJ Ball Group

Discover more CNS Treasury features

Forecast how changes in  currency, interest rate and commodity price movements could impact your COGS, cost of money and margins all in  platform.

Foreign Exchange

Streamlines the management of foreign currency exposures and derivatives with a single source of truth for finance teams.

Money Markets

Monitor and control complex interest rate strategies with forward-thinking IR hedging solutions.


Reduce commodity price volatility with loading, valuing, settlement, IFRS9, ASC 815 and hedge accounting for commodity swaps

Hedge accounting

Obtain accurate and stable financial results, and mitigate potential negative impact of fluctuations in the market value on your financial statements.

Manage risk with

Hedge against today's uncertain markets by identifying and managing your risk with CNS Treasury.

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